NEXGEN helps you capitalize on your capital. Our finance recruiting team has partnered with fortune 500 companies, to small privately held firms in pursuit of transformative finance talent.

From CFO, accounting, audit, finance, M&A, private equity, strategy, tax & treasury, our team of tenured Finance recruiting experts understand what it takes to close the books. These are more than just algorithms and formulas; this is the talent that keeps business compliant and profitable.

Our vast network of financial professionals empowers our clients to access game-changing talent, that will propel your business forward.



Controllers have always been a vital support for management in the modern world. Controllers immerse themselves in the available technology solutions and current trends to keep their organizations relevant. Allow NEXGEN to help you identify top talent and find out what works for other organizations and also what might be vital for you.


Confirming compliance and determining risk are specific aspects that are vital to every organization. Allow NEXGEN’s talent to help your firm evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of your company's existing systems.

Financial Analyst

Organizational investments are critical for economic stability and continued growth. Financial analysts play a pivotal role in guiding financial decisions for every organization. Attracting talent in this sector can be quite complex, NEXGEN’s network can help you to identify and attract top candidates.


Transformational emerging technologies are creating big alterations in the world of accounting. Cloud solutions are offering a digital accounting process that is revolutionizing the way we once looked at accounting. Attracting top-tier accounting professionals will be vital to the future of every company.

Investment & Capital Markets

Analyzing, evaluating, and monitoring financial data to support companies working within Investment and Capital Markets is an area of expertise for NEXGEN. Top talent in this space will help to protect the future of your organization and mitigate financial risk.

Financial Leadership

Financial Leadership roles require a high level of business acumen and financial strategery. How organizations create value for different stakeholders including internal and external customers is vital to the success of any organization. Our expansive network and financial aptitude can attract the next future leader of your organization.

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