NEXGEN Engineering services span a broad range of industries, with a focus on the highly technical engineering roles that drive modern business. Engineering optimizes analytical and design systems that design, invent, develop and maintain processes and products.

From the material and chemical engineer to the quality and metallurgical engineer, our seasoned engineering recruiters understand no two engineer requirements are the same.

Constant change and advancement in technology require a specialized domain of expertise. NEXGEN’s expertise spans numerous industries encompassing a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. Our seasoned recruiting force has led engineering recruitment within the world’s most renowned Product & Manufacturing companies, Power and Utility Providers, Environmental and Architectural firms, Construction Organizations, and Supply Chain providers.

Electrical / Controls Engineer

Electrical / Controls Engineer

The electrical engineering industry is under a significant paradigm shift. Modern advances in electrical engineering have illuminated, informed, and connected the world. With the world rapidly everchanging, allow NEXGEN to uncover and attract the world's brightest for your organization.
Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is at the forefront of developing new technological advancements for our future. With the new era of technology, Mechanical Engineering is discovering several new technologies, bringing advancements to the world as we’ve never seen before. NEXGEN’s network can bring your organization the top Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Design talent needed to thrive in the rapidly changing industry.
Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

The evolution of the Chemical Engineering industry is rapidly advancing and significantly changing the way work will be accomplished. These developments will make it exceedingly more challenging to capture the talent needed to capitalize on future advancements. Allow NEXGEN to help your organization stay alert to these accelerating changes.
Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer

With global markets quickly emerging, the productivity and competitiveness of your company are a top priority for NEXGEN. Let us attract your next Industrial Engineering talent to help streamline your Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing advancement goals

Manufacturing Engineer

Today’s manufacturing industry is marked by unprecedented access to data. Technological advances are transforming the manufacturing industry at a pace never seen. Let NEXGEN’s talent save you time and money by optimizing the manufacturing process.

Process Engineer

Greater efficiency and productivity is the goal of Process Engineering, and there is currently a strong demand to optimize processes. Innovative technologies and top talent are drastically accelerating organizational advancements. NEXGEN can attract the talent you desire to revolutionize your company.

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